Ram only 5.9 score on WEI

New build includes the following:




WEI scores the Ram at 5.9... this can't be acceptable considering my Dell Latitude work laptop scores 7.2 on 4GB @ 1600

CPU-Z shows all 4GB at 1600 (so does BIOS)

Anyone know why this would be?

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  1. possibly because your RAM isn't dual channel
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    Could be because you only have 1 stick so its running in single channel mode, get a 2nd stick of that and run it in dual channel to increase performance.
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  4. Yes, you need two sticks to run in dual channel which is faster than single channel. Also, the amount of memory is taken into account. I have 32GB of 1600mhz memory and score a 7.9.
  5. Ok i never knew that one. I'll order another stick. So if i wanted 4GB total, the best way would have been 2- GB sticks to achieve dual channel?
  6. Yep 2x2Gb stick in quad channel would offer better performance. might aswell go for 8gb over 4 given how cheap ram currently is.
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