HD RADEON Diamond xoc 6870 High gpu usage

Hello guys, i hope you're having a good day.

So i use "MSI after burner" to control the fan speed on my GPU (HD RADEON Diamond xoc 6870)

And the software shows the gpu usage on my unit..... and it's always 90%+ on the desktop, and it's always running hot because of the high gpu usage.

I have a full HD samsung monitor connected to DVI (Syncmaster b2440)

So i'm just wondering how can i fix this?? I mean it's not even supposed to have 10 % usage on desktop, I don't have any screen servers or themes or anything.

And the issue is making gaming waay less smooth, it's annoying me and i need some help !

Your time is most appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  1. Well since theres no such thing as a Diamond xoc 9870 you're not likely to get much help. How about you double check which GPU you have.
  2. Sorry Sorry
    6870 My bad :/
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