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So, I've decided that I want to buy a GTX 660. Something that I'm not entirely sure of is what is the difference between say a Palit card and a EVGA card? I know these companies change the clock speed sometimes, but is the only other difference that they put on a custom fan? Or is the architecture different altering performance a lot ? I've noticed that the Palit cards are normally cheaper than the other cards, is this for any specific reason or do they all generally have the same performance?

Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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  1. their all pretty much the same as far as performance. usually the different companies use custom pcbs, heatsink/fan, and clock speeds. for example the msi power edition gtx 660 ti you can overvolt the gpu to give it more power to overclock more. for a gtx 660 i would get the msi twin frozr overclocked as it runs cooler then most of the others. all the gtx 660s are usually within a couple fps between eachother.
  2. EVGA 660 Superclocked is the best. Superclocked or FTW Signature 2 both by EVGA. I have the SIg2 and the benchmark out of the box was same as reference 660 Ti. 15% boost over reference! Just get a superclocked EVGA of some variety they are overclocked from the factory
  3. Check the date :P This was a good few months back and I ended up getting the MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr 2. Its a brilliant card and I got at at around £166 which was about £15 cheaper than all the other 660s at the time. It has a really good cooler on it too.
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