Baller $1135 build, but a few questions.

Please no QQ on PSU but:

I got everything listed except the CPU, keyboard/mouse, screen, and storage. The rest is built and working with other parts, which I`m replacing with the soon to be bought parts.

It says i7 3770k needs a BiOS update to work with a H61 DGMS (Or is that backwards?) Anyways, do I just download it off the internet, put it on a CD, boot from CD and I`m a happy camper?

Also, my case has the messieset wiring ever done. and now I have to add a gigantic fan for the i7 3770k, any problems with this? So far I have 4 case fans that arn't being blocked and the 7950 has 2 fans that help keep airflow going inside of it.

ALSO... people say I can't overclock on the H61 DGMS but on the website thingy it says it supports it, what now? :P

Also how much can I OC on the stock cooler for the 7950 and the 3770k? I know the 7950 can OC nicely because it comes with the Double D fans (Whoever came up with that name needs a promotion)

Also, is 130c hot for a CPU? :P Currently my naked i3 2100 runs like that, how bad is that on a scale of 1-10?
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  1. Yeah 130C is increasing horrible, I'm not sure why your CPU is throttling itself in that kind of temperature...

    Also you don't need an i7, an i5 will give you the same performance in everything (except for video editing which the i7's hyper threading will drastically help in.)

    Your not guaranteed any kind of OC on a GPU, some people can OC insane amounts other's can barely OC at all.

    I would get a noctua NH-D14 over a H61, closed water loop cooling is just not worth it and loses to the noctua. If you want water cooling custom is the only way to really go.
  2. I would never water cool :P anyways, how would I update bios? And the i7 is needed since I multi-task, so some common programs use hyper threading. Also I like to go extreme, and I have the budget. Also a plus is some guy thought I was jealous of his i7 3770, so I`ll show him my 3770k ;)

    Also I hate the idea of sending parts back.
  3. Also my e-penis wouldn't be complete without it.
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