Pixelated artifacts around the edges of words/icons/graphics

see the blocky edges of the words? that is around pretty much everything on my computer

my gpu is a evga 670 ftw

i'm pretty sure it was working fine around 3 weeks ago but has looked like that ever since

i've tried turning on/off all the settings in my gpu control panel and have reinstalled my drivers about 4 times already

everything runs smoothly it's just these jagged edges that are the problem

is it possibly my gpu is already dying? i built my computer only 2 months ago

i just noticed it also happens to my TV menu when i push the menu button on the remote. is it some kind of HDMI cable or TV problem? doubt it's either if it shows up on screenshots though....
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  1. should i just reformat and it it doesn't work take it in to get repaired?
  2. Try forcing FXAA in nvidia control panel.
  3. how do i force it? just turn it on?

    here's another screenshot;

    see how the windows button at the bottom left is all blocky?
  4. Actually, it looks exactly like mine does, and I think it's fine. May it's just a placebo effect?

    And yes, just turn it on in nvidia control panel.
  5. i just reinstalled Skyrim and when it went to detect my video settings it set them at Low Quality. when i first built the computer and installed Skyrim it detected Ultra Quality settings. i know i'm not just imagining it now. could my graphics card be failing?

    i went to set it to Ultra Settings and see if it would work but it's very choppy.

    a couple months ago this game was running at Ultra Quality completely smooth and no hickups.
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