Does power supply require mobo?


Stupid, dumb question I know, but I'm going to ask it anyway even if it just gives the world someone new to laugh at! Does my new power supply (ToPower 420W) require a motherboard connection to bring it to life? I'm still waiting on delivery of the mobo and thought I'd check out fan noise from the case &c while I wait for the mobo to arrive so connected the power supply to the power switch on the case, but can't get any sign of life from the power supply - the silence is deafening.

Possibly I've missed another power connection, but can't see it so I was wondering if its just gonna refuse to fire up if the mobo connection isn't alive.

Bring on the thoughts, criticism and laughter !!


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  1. If you want a PSU running without a Mobo you'll have to connect some wires with each other.
    A PSU only will activate if:
    1. If it's connected to a power source (Duh)
    2. If the power good line is connected with its ground wire
    3. If the power on line is connected with its ground wire

    You'll will have to find out which cables of the motherboard connector are the right ones (you can find a pictury with the names of the cables in most Mobo manuals).

    Maybe <A HREF="" target="_new"> this</A> pictury showing how to attach to PSU with each other can help a little bit.

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  2. The PSU's motherboard connector:

    20 oooooooooo 11
    10 oooooooooo 1

    connect 14 ( soft ps on/off) to 3 (ground) with a short wire.
    do it at your own risk.
  3. Thanks people, that pretty much confirms what I thought. I'm not so desperate that I want to try hooking any wires together. I pick up my mobo tomorrow so I'll wait until then and do it properly. I was just after something to play with until the mobo and CPU arrived.

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