What do you think about this design?

Okay-after solving my last thread (thank you everyone!), I realized that a low-budget consumer gaming computer is kind of an oxymoron. So, I have now decided to point towards the serious gamer.
I am considering building this then selling it on ebay:
CoolBlue Adroit-X:

Mobo-MSI 870-G45
Cpu-AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4ghz (I'll probably oc it to 3.7-8)
Ram-Dual viper 1600 8gb
Graphics-PNY GTX 460 1gb
HDD-WD Caviar Blue 1tb
Optical-pioneer dvd/cdrw 24x oem
PSU-Coolmax 500w cl-500b------I'm having a hard time trying to find a good psu
Cooling-Cooler Master Hyper 612
Case-Cooler Master Elite 311 w/ window
Os-windows 7 home 64 OEM

Total production price is $691 rounded to $700, double that to make a profit, I would sell it for $1450 :ouch:

What do you guys think? CRITICISM IS GOOD!
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  1. Why would anyone pay 1400 for that... when you can go to ibuypower and buy better for cheaper
  2. $1400. I hope you mean 1400 pesos.

    Who do you think would buy that? It's a low budget gaming build.
  3. Most people wont buy a PC on Ebay. If they do they want a steal and will only pay used prices. You have no warranty, no return, and that's a low end weird build. There's no money to be made building PC's.anyway, and a bad build and Ebay make it impossible. People make money off the support, and a tiny margin on the actual hardware.

    I highly doubt anyone would pay more than $600. You can't just charge someone double what something is worth and think they'll pay it
  4. Ok-what do you guys suggest? I'm already selling old parts like graphics cards, ram, etc. This was just a quick brainstorm of mine-would anybody pay 7 for it? And what makes this a weird build?
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