Gtx670 Flickering on TV

Hi everyone! I have gtx 670 FTW card from evga. Normally PC is connected to my samsung monitor by DVI cable and it is ok. The problem is if I connect my LCD 42 Inch Westinghouse Tv by HDMI as additional screen (so both screens on) this tv is flickering time to time like once every 40 seconds and it is annoying, I was wondering if there any problem with card or tv ? I tried to change 3 HDMI ports on my LCD tv and it still flickering. I am very sorry for my English and grammar. Help me please.
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  1. Additional question. How i can make sound on tv ? I have to buy additional sound cable ? But I already using sound port on mobo( p8z77 deluxe pro ) for speakers 2.1.
  2. Additional information : samsung monitor work perfectly with games and videos, no any flickering or laggs. Only Tv flickering randomly,so I cant watch anything there , even when i Duplicate screen or extend.
  3. I dont know about the flicker, but as for sound - You will need to enable the tv as the default device in the audio device manager.
  4. Burgies , oh thanks alot. this problem solved :D
  5. So as I noticed if both monitors connected . max i can run is 60 hertz when 2 monitors enabled. 60+ for samsung pc monitor and not more than 60 when i use only tv
  6. I have the same problem with the same card. Slight flickering every 5-10 seconds. Seems to be random. Extremely annoying

    What I done sofar:
    1. upgrade the nvidia card driver to latest stable version
    2. use high speed hdmi instead of standard hdmi
    3. tried all hdmi ports
    4. switched to 59 hertz
    5. upgraded BIOS on the motherboard P8Z77-V-LX to latest version

    Any ideas for something else I should try?
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