Is 500 watt PSU enough for my desktop or do I need more?

I am building my new desktop and this is my first time.
I have selected:
Motherboard: Asus P8 H77-m pro
CPU: intel I5 3550 quard core
RAM: corsair vengeance 8gb (2*4gb) DDR3 1600
graphics card: 1gb
HDD: samsung F3 1 tb 7200 rpm
optical drive: dvd r/w- not selected any brand yet

Firstly, is this configuration okay? I mean, is there any nonsense mismatch?
Next, what capacity of PSU should I use? Does a psu come with case?
I would also like to know what brand of graphics card and optical drive are good and economical?
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  1. You'll need to be more specific on the GPU. VRAM doesn't mean anything.

    Though as far as I know, 1GB VRAM are usually low-mid range cards so 500w should be fine.

    I would not use any PSU that comes free with a casing, they are known to be of really cheap quality most of the time and has a chance to fry your components when they fail.

    nVIDIA and AMD are the only brands worth getting for a discrete graphics card. Give us your budget though, it's hard to make a recommendation without one.

    CPU is good, but you're paying tens of dollars for a couple of 0.1GHz that you won't even notice in real life play. Get the i5-3450 or 3470, whichever you find cheaper.
  2. Thank you for your kind suggestions. In fact, I don't game much. But, I don't want to gather outdated versions too. Yeah, I think I'll buy I5-3470. It's price is same to the price of I5-3450.
    About graphics card, I want it within 70 dollars range. What would be better?
    I selected to buy corsair enthusiast 650 watt PSU.
  3. Graphics: EVGA GT -520 1GB 64 bit. is it okay. It is only around 50 dollars?
  4. This should be a fairly good upgrade from the GT 520.
    According to Tom's GPU hierarchy chart, it's 7 tiers above the GT 520.

    650w is too overkill for your system. Even a 450w unit would be enough.
    I suggest a 500w at most for you.
  5. Antec offers a great psu at a reasonable cost check these out you might like one

    This is a basic 500w non modular @ 49.99 free s/h from amazon

    This one is a 550w modular 80 plus model @ 54.99 from newegg free s/h

    Same gpu excella recommended prolly best card for the money at that budget.
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