GTX 550 Ti + dedicated PhysX?

Hi, just quick question. I'm using at the moment ASUS GTX 550 Ti 910MHz. I have also my old graphic card - GT 220 1gb.
Is there any chance ( if yes - how ) that I could use GTX and GT (dedicated PhysX), will that improve anything at all ? ? ?
I've read somewhere that its possible but I'm not sure if GT220 is good enough to do that ( spec here -> ).

Thanks !
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  1. It could work.
  2. Just watched a video with GTX580 with GTS 8600 for PhysX and looks like GTX580 gets better score on its own than with GTS 8600. Than again GTX 580 is much better than GTX 550 Ti and GTS 8600 is similar to GT 220.
  3. Ok, looks like it could work :)
    Don't really understand all of those x16 , x8 things :??:
  4. The 8600GTS was a very poor example and people shouldn't be turned down but his botched results. The GT220 can do dedicated physx but it will be slow, if it is the ddr2 version then don't bother trying. For a cheap dedicated card then consider a GT240, GT430, or a good old but monster of a physx card that is the 8800/9800gt. With a small overclock the raw power of the shader alone will take care of physx and you can look at the floating point charts for these cards on wiki. A stock G92 GT already does 504gFlop while your main card only manages 700-800 @ 1ghz give or take. So offloading the physx will give it a boost.
  5. Thx, unfortunately I think my GT220 is DDR2. Not to worry...
    Thank you for help!
  6. You can still give it a try just for kicks as it is more powerful than a GT520.
  7. And how do I check it after? I mean what program to use to see if its better or not?
    Also was wondering if I could maybe overclock my GTX 550 Ti. I'm a bit affraid to do it , just in case it will explode or something. Its says on the box that its factory overclocked at 910MHz.

    ~Engine Clock 910 MHz
    ~Shader Clock 1820 MHz
    ~Memory Clock 4104MHz (1026MHz GDDR5)
    ~Video Memory 1G GDDR5

  8. I think the GT220 would be too slow. You're going to want a minimum of like a 8800GT or optimally a GTS250.
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