Monitors lose signal/ system crash during gaming.


I really hope someone can help me here. I built a rig around 7 months ago and every so often (sometimes 1 week later up to even 1-2 months later) my monitors will lose signal, sound will loop for a few seconds and I am forced to physically restart. This has only happened during gaming. I have looked up the event viewer only to find the only issue after an episode was the forced restart. One monitor is using an HDMI and the other a DVI. My mobo, HD and fans seem to be functional but its as if no one is home.

System drivers are up to date. During load cpu is around 40c to 50c and gpu is around the same sometimes up to 60c. I have tested the ram with HCI Memtest for a few hours. I have tested the GPU with FurMark using a burn-in test. HD is fine and all of my mobo LEDs are blue (which I am sure means no errors).

As a side note, I use a lot of resource intense programs such as Zbrush, Maya, etc and have never had this problem arise.

Please if anyone can solve this I will name my first born after you. . . . .. . . Ok not really but I will be VERY grateful lol.

My hardware is:

Windows 7 Home Premium
MSI 990FX mobo
ATI Radeon 7870 card
8 gigs of Gskill sniper RAM
Corsair TX 650 PSU
1 TB Seagate HD
Battery backup is a APC 550VA 330 WAT

Any ideas on what the problem may be?
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  1. Sooooo nobody knows???
  2. Huh. . . Guess I came to the wrong place here since nobody seems to know anything. Well if it helps any, I figured out (finally) that it only happens during a Steam game. All drivers are up to date. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Okay, take it easy.

    I seem to give this advice out so much lately, uninstall the K-Lite Codec Pack if you have it installed, a lot of games don't play nice with it. Also, Steam doesn't play nice with the AMD FX series processors so you'll need to update your BIOS to the latest version if you haven't done that already.
  4. Thank you for the response WskOsc. I do appreciate it and I apologize for sounding rude.

    I did come across the fact that the FX chips don't seem to play nice with Steam so I updated my BIOS yet the issue is still there. I don't use the K-Lite Codec Pack but I do use VLC and Media Player Classic. Do you think those have something to do with this?
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