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Followup: New Card, Poor Performance. Driver wont load?

September 19, 2012 4:30:11 AM

I am at a loss, I posted this thread two days ago.

To sum up that thread:

> I got driver fusion(seems to be the newer "driver sweeper"?)
> I wiped my drivers in safe mode.
> I Installed the latest drivers 306.23, they seemingly did not work very well.
> I driver fusion'd the 306.23 drivers.
> I installed 285.xx drivers. -> Rebooted.
> They seemed to work very ideally.
> Rebooted -> The 285 driver was still working good, however when initially multi-boxing there would be a ~1 second delay on alt-tabbing for a period of about two minutes, after this time the behavior changed to "instant" tabbing(caching is my assumption?).
> Rebooted, because previously rebooting had caused the performance to revert to "2-9 FPS mode" with ~15 second delays on tabbing.
> It worked as it had on the initial reboot.
> Rebooted Again, still fine.
> Declared the problem fixed, breathed a sigh of relief.
> <Only Change>: Installed Borderlands 2, which installed .net framework 4.0 & 2005 c++ redistributable.
>Today: Boot it up..............and it has reverted to acting like the graphics card isn't able to "communicate" its not just games, the entire system is "lagged out"
>Looking closer, the Nvidia Settings panel is missing from the task bar, the only nvida process running is "nvsvc" as far as I can see, so I guess the issue has gone from "incompatible/overlapping drivers" to "Driver wont Load on Boot"

I'm not sure if the previous times it had "reverted performance" the driver wasn't loading. I was too frustrated to check.

But that appears to be the issue now? I think? how can I find out why it isn't loading? and how can I fix it?

Edit - I don't understand why it worked fine four reboots in a row, then after sitting a while it just decided to stop @_@.