Is this budget build good enough for gaming?

I'm gonna play games like Saints row the third, dayz (standalone), gta v when it comes out, bad company 2 (battlefield) etc
1.will i get decent frame rate and good results with this build?
2.and also can u please make sure that it is compatible thanks!

CPU: Intel core i3 3220

MBO: ASrock b75 pro3-m

RAM: Corsair 4GB DDR3-1333 CL9 (1.5V)


CASE: Antec One

Graphics Card: Sapphire HD7770 ghz edition (not oc)

PSU: Corsair 430W CX-430v3 ATX power supply

Optical drive: LG GH24NS90

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    Yeah, you will get decent framerates from that build.
  2. cutebeans said:
    Yeah, you will get decent framerates from that build.

    sweeeeet.. for all of those games? and upcoming games?

    3 questions:

    1.Will i need fans to support temperature? or are the 2 fans with antec one case good enough (im planning to remove 1 of the exhausts and put 1 for intake) so 1 for intake 1 for exhaust

    2.Are they 100% compatible?
  3. IT depends on the upcoming games, but recent games you will get good FPS as long as you adjust the settings abit.

    As long as you are not OCing which clearly you won't be then there would be no problems since the 7000 series are pretty cool.
  4. kkkkk thanks so much! lastly compatibility. im worried that i might waste money and buy something that isnt compatible
  5. No problem.
  6. no problem as in 100% compatible or no problem for my thank you lol?
  7. Yeah, it's both! HAHAHA
  8. cutebeans said:
    Yeah, it's both! HAHAHA

    kk hahaha thanks alot! hoping nothing goes wrong >.< so worried
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