7770 OC vs 7850

I read somewhere that the 7770 when overclocked consumes about 120-140W of electricity, which is just what the reference 7850 consumes. Is this true? If so, then is it worth buying the 7770 OC? I am looking at the Vapor-X version in particular.
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  1. If you have the money, always get the higher end card.
  2. It's not about the money. Heating and noise are bigger concerns for me. I understand that by getting these mid-tier cards some newly-released games would be unplayable, but that's okay. Currently I am just looking for a cool and quiet card that gives the most performance for 120W max and I would be playing games released around 2005.
  3. If i were you i would have opt for the HD 7850 a single card is a better choice in this case.
    Lower heat and noise.
    And i guess it'll give you same or better performance.
  4. Well, does anyone here have an OC'ed 7770 AND a typical 7850 just so that they have first-person experience with noise and heat levels of both cards?
  5. Heat and noise levels depend entirely on the cooler on it, and any overclock you have applied to them.
    Get a good aftermarket HD7850, and you wont have an issue.
  6. I am comparing a 7770 Vapor-X (I think it's the quietest and coolest 7770 OC?) with a typical reference 7850. How's that?
  7. So you are comparing a custom cooling solution to a reference design...
    Of course the custom HD7770 is going to be better.

    I dont really understand what you are wanting here. You look for heat and noise levels between different cards of the same GPU (So a Gigabyte 7850 vs an ASUS 7850), not across different GPU's entirely.
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