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I have an internet cafe in the Philippines. I'm trying to decide what is the most economical system to use for both cost and power usage.

I had been looking at Llano A6-3500 But now that Trinitys are out I'm wondering if the A4-5300 might be better.
I haven't seen any low cost FM2 motherboards here yet so I would actually have to buy a cheaper processor to stay in the same price range. The A6-5400k is also available here already but it would have to be a LOT better to consider paying $10 more for it, plus more for the motherboard.

The big problem is they are so new their isn't much info online yet comparing performance on both video and power usage.

Edit: Guess I should have been clearer Does anyone know how A4-5300 and A6-5400k compare as far as gaming/video performance with Gt220 or A6-3500?

Also how do they compare to A6-3500 for power usage?

Before anyone goes to bitching about not being able to game with these you should realize 10 of my units are Pentium 4 3GZ with 210 video cards. They work OK playing the games that are popular here but I really want to upgrade especially to something that uses less power. I also have 3 Pentium D 3.4GZ with GT220 video cards and they are the best cafe video cards in town. I understand the A6-3500 is close to GT220s in performance. If I can get something better for a similar price great but I don't want to pay much more or use more power. Electricity is high here my bill last month was 1/3 of my net.
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  1. It is very hard to consider. Masmahal pa naman sa Philippines. Ang masasabi ko though.

    Ang Trinity and Llano are both cheaper when it comes to the electric bills.
  2. I have found the APUs to be competitively priced at Interpace. Prices often comparable to Newegg. Motherboards are usually a bit higher though.
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