Questions about q9550 and upgrade 6870 -660 gtx ti

Hey guys,

My system is:
dell monitor: u2410 resolution 1920*1200
Win 7 32 bit
Processor q9550 mildly overclocked to 3.2 ghz
Motherboard p45 neo f
Ram 3 gb ddr2 now but had 4 gb ddr2 before and no performance difference after the degrade
Graphics Card ati 6870 on stock

Ok..So my questions is, will i get significant boost in fps while playing the game on high after upgrading to 660 gtx ti

Right now I get frames of 40-65 on high settings, very rarely going under 40. On air maps frame rate stays between 40-50 and on smaller maps like metro it dwindles between 45-60. My main problem with playing on high is that the frame rate suddenly changes in heavy firefights ie. it goes from 50-40 in one second making me feel like the game is not smooth. I am posting a screen shot just after i died in a firefight when my computer was stressed to almost its maximum.
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  1. Please reply guys, you are replying to others, why not to me
  2. since BF3 loves nvidia cards the answer is YES. but if you can find a hd 7950 with the same money i suggest you to go with hd 7950. same performance in BF3 and overall better performance ,possibly more future-proof and more overclockable!
  3. Why don't you try for higher clocks on that nice 12mb quad? I got a silly little q8200 humming away at a little under 3.3ghz. If your ram is the reason then use a different ratio than 1:1 and go higher as you may get 3.5ghz or more out of it with ease but keep the volts as low as possible.

    Yes it will work and it will manage a 660 or a 660ti as well a 7950.
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