Help setting up router for the first time i have a netgear wgt624 vs

yes i had bought a router from a yard sell i have to papers or the cd.i was told theres no need for the cd yeah ive try'd almost everything.andnothing worked.i have comcast cable internet.and im not really sure what to do but ive looked up some info like to plug the cords in and etc.and i get to the part where i need a bridge mode on and i only have two network connection how do i create another one and bridge them or whatever it wants me to do.i also have modem from my internet provider so iv been following all the steps to pluging everything in correctly.still nothing.
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  1. srry i have a netgear gt624 v2
  2. I would start out by resetting the modem to factory defaults. There should be a small hole on the router that you need to press a paperclip into and hold it for 10sec or so while the router is powered on. You should see the lights on the router flash once the reset process begins. You do not need any ethernet cables connected to do this reset.

    Reset button is labeled in pic.

    I would then disconnect power to the modem your service provider gave you and let that sit for about 30sec. Then I would connect a cable from the modem to the Wan port which is also labeled in the above pic.

    At that point I would connect a cable from one of the LAN ports on the router to a pc then open a web browser. Likely your connection should be working at that point, but you will still need to do some configuration to get things setup the way you want them. You should be able to type (L/P: admin/password) into the address bar of your web browser which will take you to the router interface. You can do all configuration from there.

    If the model that you service provider gave you is actually a router as well then you will have double nat setup which isn't really optimal, and you would need to set the modem into bridge mode, but I wouldn't bother getting into all that before trying the above.
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