660ti in SLI vs 7950 in Crossfire vs single 680

I want to buy a new computer in the next 2 months.
My budget is about $750 on gpus and $2500 in total
I will be getting adequate power supply for the gpu I choose (850w or something) and I currently have a nvidia 230M on my laptop
Will be getting a 3770 with a P8Z77-V mobo, 16gb corsair vengeance memory.
My only website I can buy from is pcccasegear.com
I prefer sapphire, msi, evga and asus cards.
Not really fussed over AMD vs Nvidia
I will be overclocking
Monitor resolution will be 1920x1080 on a 27" or 24" 120hz

Thanks! :D
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  1. IMO the best dual GPU config today is 2 x GTX 670 so if you could make the gpu budget +50 dollars more that will be great.
    If you are limited to only 750 then go with 2 x HD 7950
  2. 2 gpus would be a waste at 1080p. A single 7970 would be the best considering its the fastest single card out there. Btw amd crossfire drivers do not suck.
  3. Thanks!

    Would the 670 with the reference build have enough airflow (I will be using a 650D corsair)
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Yeah the reference 670 is fine you just won't be able to OC it as much, but you honestly don't need to for 1080p gaming.

    The 670 at stock settings is a fairly cool/quiet card that shouldn't give you trouble.

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