What GPU for me - mid-range?

Hi all,

Just need a bit of advice, I have been rebuilding my machine and now come to my graphics card. I am running low on disposable money.

I run 1 screen at 1080p, play games like GW2, Battlefield, WoW, and other mmo/fps games mainly.

I currently own a... yes wait for it... 4670. Exact model here - http://www.hisdigital.com/un/product2-382.shtml

It suprisingly handles most games fine including WoW. However on GW2 and BF I find I am generally below 'medium' settings on everything. Maybe 1-2 settings regarding textures are on Medium, but distance and AA stuff is on low.

I want to upgrade it, and have been looking at a 7850, however I am struggling to justify the money - albeit GOOD value, I am not sure I need it?

I definitely don't need a 2gb card do I? Or would it be wise to do so? I plan on keeping it for 3 years minimum.

So, would a 7770 be enough? Or should I spent 25% more on a 1gb 7850? Or 2x as much on a 2gb 7850?

I want to play GW2 on a high spec :D

Note: I run a mATX case, the fastest PCI slot is a few mm from the RAM slots. The mobo is an ASUS P8Z77-M.

I have a 700w PSU and only stock cooling. i5-3570k processor and 12gb ram.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Since the rest of your system is pretty decent, I say go for the hd7850 2gb. For fps games like Battlefield3 and crysis2 at 1080p high/ultra, the memory usage would easily hit 1.8-2gb and the number would only continue to grow when the new titles come out the future. 1gb is nowhere near enough if you want to game at 1080p with all the eye candies turned on vram limitation will bottleneck your gpu. You should be able to find a decent hd7850 for around $180.
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