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I was reading about proxy servers and how they work, but then I came across a question: are proxy servers safe? I googled it and didn't find any good answers. I aren't planning on using one myself, I just wanted ask.

If they are unsafe, how come they are?
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  1. All your traffic goes though them, so whoever sets it up can easily capture anything you send over them. Clear text passwords, pages you go to, etc...

    They are, like everything else, only as safe and trustworthy as the people that set them up. Anytime you get into stuff like illegal downloads, methods to by-pass security, password cracking, app cracks, you take a much larger risk of things going wrong.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I guess that the free proxy servers they post online might be unsafe. I had people saying that they use proxy servers to access Facebook in college. I advised them not to use an proxy to login.
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