Which Card for Q6600 System @ 1280x1024

Hi All,

Not sure what to do?!?

Gigabyte G31M-ES2L
XFX Pro 650W PSU
C2Q Q6600 @ 2.4GHZ
Acer 19" @ 1280x1024

I'm currently playing games such as Farcry, Half Life and IV: Oblivion etc on an old 8400GS and am thinking of upgrading.

I was going to get the 560ti now, but are not sure whether to get something cheaper like the GTX550ti, GTX650 or maybe a used GTX460 instead and use it for the next year or 2, and then just build a complete new system with a much higher spec card next year?

Looking to play Skyrim and Crysis @ 1280x1024 and card cannot be any longer than about 7.5-8" as the SATA ports are in the way :D

Any thoughts?

Cheers for your help!!
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  1. Sorry, looking to pay about £100 - £150 'ish quid... can go a bit higher though.
  2. An HD 7770 is the way to go... it's better than the options you listed and would be plenty of power for 1280x1024 gaming. Also, your CPU is going to bottleneck anything much more powerful than that like a 560ti.
  3. Cheers the the quick response.

    I think it looked at that one mate, but it was a bit too long. I'll defintely double check though!!
  4. 7770 is perfect, however if you just intend to keep it for a couple of years and play in this resolution, you will get covered with an HD 7750 or GTX 650 too, whichever you find cheaper. I find it more cost efficient than buying 7770, unless of course you intend to play on higher resolutions with this card in the future.


  5. Thanks for the advice :wahoo:

    Just measured the old card and it's bang on 7", so it going to have to be anything under 7".

    Any Dual-Slot Graphics Card over 7" is going to be right up against/over the top SATA port.

    This is the perfect size @ 6.6" and is only £98. Any good?

  6. Hi All,

    Struggling to find a 7770 that is under 7".

    The only one I could find is now out of stock and not sure when they will be getting anymore?!

    Came across a Superclocked GTX 650 -


    NVIDIA GTX 650
    384 CUDA Cores
    1202 MHz GPU

    1024 MB, 128 bit GDDR5
    5000 MHz (effective)
    80 GB/s Memory Bandwidth

    Is there much difference between this as the 7770 and is there any other cards you can recommend or should I jsut wait for the 7770 back into stock?

    Cheers for your help :D

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