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Hi i need to buy a new graphic card and i'm on a really low budget , the budget is max £65 ..i live in london and i need to buy the card with cash. i just found an Ati radeon 4890 1gb for £55 and i was wondering if i should get that one or should i go for something like a VTX 3D 6670 2GB for £50 which has new technology like directx 11, opengl 4.1 ...shader model 5.. is it worth getting 6670 2gb just for the new technology or should i go with the 4890 which ive seen on some pages it says that it can bit a gtx 550...

My computer specs are:
Intel E3200 2.4 ghz dual-core
Nvidia 9600 Gso 1gb
4 GB Ram
450w Power Supply

The computer played pretty much everything by now can't handle anymore some of the games like bf 3 or the run rest i can play pretty much most of the games ...i DO NOT mean everything.

I am mostly interested in playing APB Reloaded which atm it freezes here and there.... the game is very CPU intensive but as i don't have the money right now to change all that is needed im just going to buy something to give me at least 10fps more until Christmas when i get a new PC
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  1. forgot to mention i need a quick answer if possible as i'm buying the card tomorrow morning.
  2. Hi.

    I don't think the 450W and the 4890 are a good mix.

    HD 6670 or HD7750 would be much safer and more than powerful enough for your cpu.

    Your cpu will be holding you back a lot anyway.
  3. well i've done some research and it looks like 4890 would use the maximum of 190w which give 260w for a damn old's can't be possibly eating a lot of watts ... but then again the new technology of 6670 could be helpfull
  4. looks like there is none no 6670 close to me ...the only option is the 4890 right i can't buy with the card ... so now im curious would there really be a problem with that card and a 450w psu?
  5. If it is a good quality psu not, if it's crap and only delivers 300W in real life, it ;

    1 just stops working

    2 blows up

    3 blows up, taking gpu and other stuff with it :cry:

    One of the above can't say which.!+?productId=50957
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