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Over a year ago I was forced to buy a new graphics card to my computer since it kept totally crashing (aka windows 7 just freezes) and finally had some serious graphical glitches. After that it worked fine. For one year I didn't use the computer all that much but now that I've started, I notice it has started to crash in the same fashion as it did back in the day. Even with this new graphics card.

So is my new graphics card also now broken? I have some random graphical glitch on logging into windows and computer still freezes almost truly randomly, when watching youtube videos or using skype with mic and webcam or just any time really. I don't really play games but i've been able to do that also and playing doesn't seem to trigger anything especially.

I've checked the ram with memtest program and found nothing. Also tried removing and switching those RAMs and removing sound card.

So how can I start approaching the problem? Should I blindly buy a new motherboard or power unit or what? I feel like something is breaking my components here.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+
ASUS Xonar DGX Audio Device
NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
Samsung HD322HJ ATA device
Kingston SV200S3128G ATA Device
Motherboard is some cheap Asrock
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  1. I feel like your power supply is the issue here. I would upgrade to a 600 watt or so, as that's more than what you need for your components, and I feel like your system is hanging because it doesn't get enough power (similar to what happens when you overclock and don't give your CPU enough power).
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