Cascading routers - using as extender / repeater - with 2nd router NOT hard wire

Do I have to hard wire both routers to use cascading routers technique? I've been reading up on how to do this, but have not yet quite tried. I know someone will say extender and/or repeater, but I want to know if I can use a second router to extend the wireless signal further; i.e., bounce it from modem/gateway/wireless router (dlink) to wireless router (linksys wrt160n) then to my laptop? I have to go from one building to another and currently the wireless signal is quite weak (hence, someone will likely say repeater/extender). I already have the linksys. The dlink belongs to someone else, but I have permission to access through their dlink. I can do the initial setup, connecting LAN (main router - dlink) to WAN (2nd router - linksys), but I cannot leave them connected. Thanks for any help on this topic. :bounce:
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  1. if your WRT160N is not of revision V2, you could use the DD-WRT firmware and use it as a bridge repeater.
  2. Hi Emerald,

    Have Linksys wrt-160n firmware v1. Not sure if I want to wipe this firmware and replace with dd-wrt. I am about an intermediate--not new to networking but know enough to get myself into trouble. Would like a straightforward way (if possible) to use the linksys as a WIRELESS ACCESS POINT.

    Equipment: dlink dir-625 (LAN - hard wired to the modem/gate wayl) to connect WIRELESSLY to the linksys wrt-160n (wan) which will connect wirelessly to my laptop/computer. My problem is that I cannot move the dlink from its current location and I cannot move laptop permanently closer to it. I am going between buildings and plan to use the linksys at a central distance between my laptop and the dlink in hopes of boosting my very weak signal.

    I can TEMPORARILY connect the linksys (wan) to the dlink (lan) to let them see each other, if that is what I am to do, but again I do not want to overwrite the linksys firmware for the dd-wrt--though a good idea. I may need the linksys as a regular router -- eventually.

    Thanks for any other input you can offer.
  3. Hello Emerald,

    Thanks for hangin' in there answering my questions. I liked your post. Thank you. Have come across similar instructions and have followed. My problem is that I CANNOT HAVE THE Linksys still attached to the dLink. As I've said, I've already tried similar instructions as yours, but I need basically the following:

    BUILDING A >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BUILDING B
    dlink dir 625 >>>>>>>> Linksys wrt160n >>>>>>>>>> my laptop / computer
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> signal needs to catch dlink
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and send wirelessly onto me.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NO cables can be connected!!!

    dLink dir 625 >>>>>> >>>> ip is
    linksys wrt160n >>>>>>>> ip is NAT disabled DHCP disabled

    >>>>>>>>>> (based on other people's data -- I had already set this up before posting thread and reading your link).

    I tried to copy paste full settings but could not.

    Perhaps I am missing something but every instruction on "wireless" access point, including yours, seems to still have Router 2 cable wired/attached to Router/Gateway 1.

    I do not understand all the terms, but I guess perhaps I want it to either be cascade or repeater, if they are not the same.

    Thanks for any support.
  4. the only way for you to wirelessly connect the Linksys to the Dlink is by using the DD-WRT firmware
  5. okay ... I'll jump. Can I go back to original firmware if necessary?
  6. Not sure what to download for Linksys wrt160n v.1
    * Micro Generic
    * Micro_OLSRD Generic
    * Mini Generic
    * Standard Generic
    * VPN Generic
    * VoIP Generic

    Seems like a complicated process. What if it still does not do what I want? Can I return to the Linksys firmware or will I have obliterated it?
  7. I have been using DD-wrt for the last few year on Linsys, Netgear, and Asus router to convert them to bridge Routers and have not had a problem yet.

    follow the WRT150N and WRT160Nv1 Instructions it has a link to the firmware file you should use. The one you listed are updates

    once done with the firmware change follow the wwiki page to configure the router to a bridge repeater
  8. Hi Emerald - -thanks for all your support. Have not yet taken the leap -- still thinking, researching. Guessing that once I take the leap, I will not be able to put the OEM firmware back into play.
    So ... wondering if I should use an old "belkin f5d7231-4" instead of the "linksys wrt160n"--I'm thinking the Belkin is older and not quite as powerful as the Linksys. What are your thoughts?
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