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A month ago I started experiencing crashes on my Win7 q9550 260Nvidia Abit 35pro, 650w Corsair, while playing games like Dota or Skyrim, soon I found out it was crashing in every graphics heavy game. The Win7 message that pop said that the driver crashed , tough luck.

I didnt look much into it and bought an AMD 7770. The problem wasnt solved at all.

I installed my old WinXP OS and back to Win7 checking BIOs and the OS for some sort of IRQ conflict but there was none.

I ran a great number of benchmarks trying to pinpoint the problem. The benchmarks game me some really conflicting results. I ran AvP DX11 and DOTA 2 as spectator. AvP freezed at the exactly same point in the very beginning of the clip. DOTA 2 provided a wider variety of result, sometimes take almost 15 or 20 minutes before it crashed.

The third benchmark I used was Orthos + Furmark at the same time. My CPU RAM and VGA was stressed yet it never froze.

So what do you make of it? I going nuts lol!

Thing is I m not sure if its a GPU issue at all.
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  1. This sounds like a potential heat and/or power problem. How are your system (CPU and GPU) temperatures at idle and under load? Also, how old is your PSU?
  2. my -psu is running great for 5 years now.

    My temps are extremely low on gpu, top 70c when stressed by Furmark for 15mins

    My cpu can get up to 93c when stressed by orthos for 20 mins.

    Thing is I ran both benchmarks at the same time for 20 mins and nothing popped up. All was smooth
  3. PSUs can and do wear out. The symptoms you describe are often associated with a failing PSU. Since you swapped the GPUs and the problem still exists, we have to look at what is common and the most likely culprits.

    Your CPU is getting very hot from what you stated. What, if anything, are you overclocking (CPU, GPU, memory)?

    If you are OCing, does reverting back to stock speeds resolve the crashing problem?
  4. Ι reverted back o stock speeds and voltage and also downclocked just to make sure but nothing of all these made any difference.
  5. Mecha_01 said:
    Ι reverted back o stock speeds and voltage and also downclocked just to make sure but nothing of all these made any difference.

    What are you temps at stock?

    Do you have access to another PSU to swap in for testing?
  6. So I managed to get a friends 3570, his motherboard and ram to test my psu and graphics card.

    Funny thing the problem showed up like nothing changed.

    So I can now narrow down the culprits.

    PSU, HDD or the new Graphics Card.

    I m gonna get a friends PSU today and test it. Still it makes no sense. How can I run both Orthos and Furmark at the same time with no problem and get a driver crash on
    Dota 2, 3dMark 11 or Skyrim ????!
  7. Good question, when you ran the tests, how long did you let them run vice how long did you game?

    Gaming puts max load on the GPU (and therefor the PSU) pretty much for the duration of your gaming time, especially if you are running at maxed graphics settings.

    Benchmarks can do the same, but not necessarily depending on the features/tests that are enabled.
  8. the tests ran for 15 or 20 mins

    I cant game for more than that and I get a Matrix style lag sometimes even for that little time.
  9. Understood. Really does look like the PSU. BTW, you can go to your HDD vendor's website (Seagate or Samsung, for example) and download some disk utilities for free to check out your HDD.

    Also, are you using the stock Intel heatsink or an aftermarket cooler?
  10. atm I m using a stock 3570 heatsink since I use a friends cpu/mb/ram to test whats going wrong
  11. While some folks do it and even recommend it, I don't recommend overclocking your CPU while using a stock cooler. To me, it just isn't worth the risk.

    I asked because of the high CPU temps you mentioned earlier.
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