What would be a possible outcome of crossfire with a radeon 6870 and a 7770? wou

I had a radeon 6870, i just got it back from warrenty for a faulty part, and during the warrenty time to get it back, i purchased a 7770 to compensate while i waited, However i would like to boost performance and i want to know if a crossfire between them will boost performance or just lower to the clock speed of a 7770?
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  1. I don't think you can crossfire or SLI video cards of different model/generation, only the same type (they can have different clock speeds and amount of memory though I believe).

    Dunno how recent this is, but here you go.

  2. Chugot9218's link is still accurate.
  3. No, you can't CF a HD6870 with a HD7770. They use different GPU core processors (different GPU families is another way to look at it).
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