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Recently built a new computer with crossfire 7970's and everything seemed to be working well- crossfire was showing up as detected in gpuz and enabled on Catalyst control center.

Now however, one of the gpu's is not being detected at all.

I know its not an issue with my psu, I have a 1050w seasonic.

One of the cards is able to show up on my monitor. I can plug this card into either of my pcie slots and it will display the desktop no problems.

However, when I remove the first card and place the second card in either of the pcie slots, there is no video on either one, even though the fan spins and everything else seems to work.

I think this may call for an RMA, what do you guys think?
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  1. Looks like it may have died on you. Could not be sure if it was due to the psu or what. Not sure with seasonic psu's but I hear they are supposed to be good. Check the crossfire cable and make sure its connected securely.

    Nothing else to do after that but RMA the non working card.
  2. Seasonic has what are probably the best PSUs. It might be the problem, but that's unlikely.
  3. Well, the power supply seems to power the first graphics card well enough , and everything works fine with that one.
  4. It could be the display ports on the second card have gone but that is unlikely since you say the card is not being detected in CCC or GPU-Z.
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