Crysis 3: geforce 210

can i run crysis 3 on:
AMD Atholn ll X2 240 Dual-Core 2.81 Ghz
2 gb ram
nvidia geforce 210 PALIT
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  1. Nope.
  2. a have a one more question can i run it on a another computer
    AMD Phenom™ II X4 965,3.40GHz
    4 gb ram ddr3
    Nvidia geforce gtx 590 GDDR5 EVGA
  3. LoL, Talking about the beauty and the beast.

    Way yeah, without even flexing.
  4. Only real problem on the other pc is the gpu, only 400 + series are enough i believe. (?)
  5. thanks brother for help!
  6. Geez... Do you already have that PC?
  7. Yeap..:)
  8. Cool, You'll deff be able to run Crysis 3!
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