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Quick question re a graphic anomaly - BF3

September 19, 2012 6:19:56 PM

Trying to trouble shoot something. On certain BF3 maps, particularly Kharg Island (and other desert based maps, it seems). I get this graphic anomaly where black pie slices would flash from the center of my screen outward, slices of pie or pizza is the best way I can describe the issue.

I'm fairly sure heat is not an issue and CPU and RAM are stable at current OC, I've OC'd my 2x ref. GTX 560ti (SLI). I've tried tweaking the gpu voltage, clocks, etc. but even at default settings the black pie/pizza slices would appear when playing those levels.

Anybody experience this issue before or know more about it? Couldn't find it on any other threads. It only happens with BF3. I also play Batman AC, Crysis 2 no issues with these games.

Thanks all