Will 7770 work in pcie port

willl hd 7770 work on pciE expansion slot?
i have foxconn 45gmx mother board.
please help.........
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  1. is it pciex16 slot?? and also you must have quality 450w psu like antec,corsair ect. with at least one 6pin pci-e power connector.
  2. Yes it has

    But i think it's a 1.0 version so no way of telling the 7770 works or not. It probably will, but there is a small change there is a compatibility issue.

    Like cool07ist says ; you also need a good psu with a power connector.
  3. thanks for replies....
    I'm have atx 450w power supply .
    But i want to ask if graphics card itself need 450 power supply...
  4. no.
    My power supply doesn't have that type of pin and not even my motherboard has the socket to connect it
  5. That connector (6 pin PCI-E) is used to provide extra power for the graphics card, it does not plug into the motherboard but into a connector built into the card.
    Are you SURE the powersupply does not have that type of 6 pin connector? Some have a 6+2 or even an 8-pin connector.
    Take a look here, the PCI-E connectors are at the bottom of the first block of photographs.
  6. oh
    Thanks for information..
    Can't i convert any other type of pin into pcie pin
    My psu has 4 empty pins of different types available
  7. @ jaysingkar: Yes, you can use a molex-to-PCI-E converter, it's the third from bottom here:

    As far s I know all current cards have these converters supplied with them as part of the package.
    Normally it's not a good idea to use them but the 7770 will only draw a small amout of extra power so it'll be fine.
    But, I am a little concerned: If the powewrsupply is so old it lacks a PCI-E connector it may not be suitable for your needs. Please supply us with the exact make and model of powersupply you have so we can be certain.

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  11. Then, my friend, I shall (gentle bow) agree to disagree :) .

    Back on topic, I'm still a little concerned about the powersupply, so, Jaysingkar, can you please provide us with its eca make and model?
  12. I checkd my psu and i don't have both type of pins.........
    I think have to buy new one.....
    can you suggest me any motherboard having pciE 3.0 slot and supporting intel E2180 processor and a good psu having value for money
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    @ jaysingkar: There is no motherboard that uses the LGA 775 socket (for the CPU) and has a PCI-E 3.0 slot for the graphics card that I know of.
    I would suggest you use the HD7750 instead, it's less powerful than the HD7770 but it does not need an extra power lead.
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