Computer turns on then off inmediatly, no beeps


I am new to this forum and I just finished building my first computer. It is a mini-ITX, the specs are below:

Case: Fractal Design Node 304
CPU: AMD A10-5800k
PSU: OCZ Modstream Pro 600W Modular
Motherboard: Asrock FM2A75M-ITX
Memory: Mushkin Blackline PC3-17000 8GB (2x4GB)
SSD: OCZ Vertex 4 256GB
Cooler: Stock AMD, (intended to use Cooler Master EVO 212, but it does not fit the Mobo)

Everthing went fine and I followed the instructions in the manual and what I found online. It booted at the first try and I installed windows and all the drivers that I needed. However, when I accessed the BIOS the CPU seemed to overheat. I checked online and it seems the BIOS is buggy. I disconected the power cord prom the PSU and open the case to check how hot the heatsink was and if eveything was allright. There seemed to be no problems so I connected the power cord again. However, when I did so I heard a small "cliq". In the Fractal Design Node 304, then PSU is inside so I left the PSU switch on. After this, everytime I try to turn on the computer it only turns on for half a second, the fans barely start rotating, and then it shuts off. There is no beeps or anything just that. I went through the checklist posted, exept for the PSU part since I have not find another power supply or a multimeter around :??:

Well eveything leads me to beleive that something burnt out in the PSU. I would like your opinions on this and any help will be appreciated :)

Thanks again.
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  1. Maybe, but try removing the motherboard battery first (unplug the power supply when you do this). After reinstalling the battery, power on the system. You may have to press an "f" key at the post screen to enter the bios. While there, set the boot order to dvd>hardrive, check for any smartfan settings and set to quiet or calibrate, save and exit. If you still have problems, a newer bios file may be available here: (click on download on the left side and select bios). Check your bios file number at the post by pressing the "pause" key to freeze the screen. Write it down, then check the webpage I linked for your board for bios updates.
  2. Hey, thanks for the answer. So I tried resetting the CMOS as you suggested but it is pretty much the same :(. It just turns the fans on for half a second and then it shuts off. Then if I wanna try again I have to turn off the power supply and turn it on.
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    Another poster had similar issues. You may have to remount and reinstall everything in case you have a short somewhere. Check the case standoffs to be sure they're all the same heighth. Check for loose screws or wires under the board. Also check for backplate squareness and loose metal touching one of the port connections.
  4. Hey, so I removed the motherboard from the case and everything worked fine. Then once I put it in the case without the case fans connected everything worked fine. However, when I connected the fans to the built in fan controller in the case, the problem occurred again. I played around and I found that if the switch in the included fan controller is not set to max, then the computer won't turn on, pretty weird. I do still have a problem with my audio from the front panel headphone jack, there seems to be voltage noise. I am not sure if it is the case's included headers or the motherboard itself. Nevertheless, it's all good now thanks for the help :).
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