Zotac gtx 670 or msi gtx 660 Ti

hello guys i going to buy a MSI gtx 660 Ti , but i realize that the gtx 670 from zotac its almost the same price , so forme its the same , but zotac don´t convence me so i want to ask you guys wich i should buy ? . also other manufacturers are out of my budget .
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  1. check the warranty and buy the 670 if you can afford it.
  2. No doubt the GTX 670. Zotac is a great company :) I've owned 2 cards by ZOTAC and I've had no problems. The warranty is great too, you get 5 year extended warranty with every product!
  3. okey but its the standar zotac that one with 1 cooler in the rigth , so i go for it ?
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