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I have a problem with my computer. It started when i play world of warcraft. Sometimes the game would freeze but i can still see the mouse cursor move around it would stay like that for about less then a minute and then continue like normal. It would happen a few times when i played. Now its starting to do it when im not playing the game it happens if im browsing the internet or messing around wint a media player or with anything i have installed on my computer. it just stops and says that its not responding for about a minute and then its working again. i dont know what it could be. Please help thank you
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  1. Well if it were my system I would just restore from a ghost backup,OTOH YOU might consider uninstalling your video drivers, and reinstalling AFTER a complete shutdown, if that does not work ,, try reinstalling [got XP?] right over existing install, offhand it sounds like a corrupt video driver,,,maybe ??? :)
  2. I'm having similar problems except I noticed it before I upgraded from Vista to Win 7. I did install/update the new video driver but that didn't seem to have any effect. I let the update function search the internet and download a new driver. This doesn't seem to happen much (if at all) with Live Mail or Firefox but happens frequently with Lotus Approach and Mediamonkey. :ange:
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