AMD display driver has stopped responding... (Tried Everything)

Im at witts end after looking at similar issues on forums and trying every fix known nothing has worked for me. Hence i am posting my own thread.

Some games throw up an amd display driver has stopped responding error and has recovered and all that happens is the screen flickers and then i can continue playing...

Other games especially skyrim ... when i try to load the game the loading screen pops up then a black screen then the screen flickers then i get a solid white screen that requires end tasking to get out.
However i can run skyrim fine in windowed mode... and opening windowed mode and switching back to full screen in game works fine too !But loading the game in full screen does not.

Almost every game has some kind of amd display driver issue of some kind.

I have the latest Catalyst drivers and have tried older drivers all with the same issue.

My specs:

ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard AM3
AMD1100T X6 (OC 4.0Ghz) Watercooled
AMD MSI HD6950 TWIN FROZR II Graphics card
XFX 80+ Bronze 750W PSU

Fixes i have tried are :

Updated drivers
Rollback Drivers
Running as admin
Overclocking Graphics
Underclocking Graphics (Had some positive affect on some games but obviously games ran very slow because of slow clock speeds)
Different Graphics card a ATI EAH5670 1GB
A new power supply XFX 80+ 750W (Previous PSU was a Generic brand 750W not 80+)
Removing 1 stick of ram at a time.
Running Memtest
Setting CPU back to stock speeds
Full Reformat and drivers
Windows updates.

So Far none of this has worked any ideas please really running out :??:
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  1. Oh yea and temperatures are all fine cpu never above 40oC on high loads and GPU never above 45 oC while gaming
  2. SSD firmware update from manufacturers site. ?
  3. Hmmm i will try it but i will need to install windows on my HDD first as i cant update firmware on the primary drive it says on the website...
  4. But then i doubt this is the issue as i had the problem before buying and installing windows on the SSD , still had this issue running off the HDD
  5. what monitor... size/resolution ?
  6. its a Dell Monitor 21 inch i think i am running on 1680x 1050
  7. Your not gonna like the answer,

    your video card is failing.

    GPU is fine under low load conditions but when it gets stressed something is failing causing the issues your seeing. The driver issues you are seeing are the system resetting the Graphics subsystem, and by extension the GPU. I've seen the same symptoms you've described numerous times in different forms and it's always the graphics card.
  8. Lowering the resolution seems to help some games ! Suprisingly but others the error happens regardless of resolution ... i just tried BF3 and Skyrim on 1440x900 and the error seems to have gone and it loads up without crashing... however some other games like EM4 and Arma II still throw up this even on low resolution unless i run in windowed mode it helps
  9. I tried using a different graphics card from my other computer a 5670 card which is running games fine on the system and i have the same problems on this system with it
  10. Hmm, that's weird. Using a monitoring tool to log what's going on with the system at the time you're having problems, look at voltages specifically, see if anything strange is going on. Are any of your components currently over/underclocked or is everything running at defaults?
  11. not enough info on the monitor. could be junk. always had this problem when using this monitor ? ever try another ? is this a tv or is it a monitor ?
  12. Its a Monitor , LCD , 21 Inch Dell , bit old made in 2007 due a new one. I will do thanks for the advice... all components are currently now defaults i was running my CPU at 4.0ghz passed stability tests at the time but now everything is stock speeds i will mess about with a different monitor and different resolutions to see if it helps i just tried Skyrim at a lower 1440 resolution and it loaded up :| without crashing with the amd display driver error so maybe its a combination of monitor and resolution settings thats throwing the card driver errors up
  13. while we are talking monitors........... have you tried a new or another cable ?

    also monitor refresh rates.......... wrong one will raise havoc.
  14. I have solved the issue... well in a non effective way... if i lower my GPU clock speeds from the factory set 810MHZ core 1270MHZ mem to as low as ! 700mhz Core and 1250 Mem all my games and programs run fine crash and display driver error free !! so what the hell ?! its supposed to run at 810... and it cant be because of not enough power supposedly my system is barley using 500W at max usage but my PSU is a 750w 80+
  15. RMA....... you're not getting what you paid for. make sure you indiscreetly mark the card so they don't send the same one back.

    ( unless you were playing master over clocker......... you ruin it, you own it )
  16. I never overclocked the card it came overclocked 810 1270 out the box from MSI , i bought the card off ebay however brand new and sealed but not from a retailer am i still covered by some kind of warranty that way ? i might just buy a new card which is a shame cause i only bought this card 4-5 months ago thanks for your help !
  17. check with the manufacturer. explain situation. see what they say......... there has to be at least a 2 year warranty ?
  18. Have you tried ram other than PNY because I had 2 sticks of it in my rig and found that it crashed my gt 610 but then I went to 1 8 GB pny and a 4 GB Generic ram(and no crashing). but now I have the r9 390 and both sticks and the problem of crashing continued and once I saw your ram I took one of the sticks out like before with the gt 610. I thank you for connecting the dots for me. P.S. you tube would start the crashing process after the game started.
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