Should I overclock my gpu ?

Here are my specs :

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
DX: DirectX 11
CPu: Amd Phenom II X6 1035T (6 cpus) at 2.6Ghz
Ram: 12288MB RAM

Graphic cards:

-XFX ATi Radeon hd 4890
-Gpu clock 850mhz
-Memory clock 975mhz
-temperature idles at 57c
-Fan speed 61%

So my question is should I overclock it and can I? will my cpu get bottlenecked ? should i also overclock my cpu if yes to how much. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Why do you want to oc it ? What is temp under load, idle is high already.
  2. I'd like to oc it for a better performance in game. I've read a little to be sure i wasn't wrong about OC and correct me if I'm wrong but it can actually increase the performance ingame right ? well that would be my reason and the temperature while being used goes to max 70-75.
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    You can try it, but it wouldn't make that big of a difference i think. Seeing the oc'd version from xfx only does 50mhz more seems to be indicating it's not a great overclocker but i don't know the 4890 myself so i am not sure.

    Just try and follow this ; or
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