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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this build? (BTW I know I'm overpaying a little for the mobo, I wanted thunderbolt for the future and I love the phase design on it)
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  1. Oh, and the reason I went with the bigger power supply was because I'm planning on CrossFireX in a year, and some overclocking.
  2. So, no opinions? :(
  3. Looks solid to me.
  4. samuelspark said:
    Looks solid to me.

    So you think I'm good to go? Nothing over-priced or anything?
  5. vance09 said:
    So you think I'm good to go? Nothing over-priced or anything?

    Yea. Seems very well balanced.
  6. I agree. Pretty good aprart from Windows 8.

    Just kidding :P
  7. Yeah it's very expensive but nice.
  8. Ok thanks, only difference is I might go with a different brand 7970, might go with a sapphire, only thing I'm not settled on.
  9. It shouldn't matter much which 7970 you choose.
  10. OK, thanks a lot everyone! Pulling the trigger :)
  11. I'd give it 9/10. There are better SSD brands out there for the same money or just a bit more - Crucial M4 and Samsung 830 or 840 would be my first picks. They'll be a little pricier but worth the small amount extra IMO.

    Also, honestly I don't like Windows 8 from the demos I've tried but to each his own.
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