Gaming with 3 screens NON-SLI

Is this even possible?

Currently I have a GTX470. I also have a GTX260 from awhile just sitting here.

I'd like to try gaming with 3 screens, but is it possible without SLI?

Apparently Nvidia has changed it so you cannot SLI without the exact same cards. However, if I popped in my GTX260 I can use 3 monitors. But I don't know if games will work on all 3 screens.

So, is it possible to game using all 3 screens without SLI?
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  1. It is possible, but only with the 600 series. Before the 600 series, 2D Surround required SLI.

    You can create an extended display using the 2 cards, but not in 2D Surround, which is required for gaming across 3 screens.. I have, however, heard of some 3rd party software that may allow this, but I do not know the name of it. It's also not free.
  2. Apparently Soft TH still works. They have a newer version (from 2010) on their site.

    I might try that before buying another GTX 470 (only on eBay).
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