No signal from monitor and clicking hard drive

i built a computer months ago in another state and it was sent by mail a week ago and when i tried to use it it wouldnt get a signal on my monitor and the hard drive was making a clicking noise for a couple seconds. it worked months ago. help :(
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  1. When you transport a computer, you have to remove the cooling tower.
    It can pull the CPU right out of the socket.
    take a close look at the inside and see if the CPU is seated.
    see if the motherboard is cracked, etc...
  2. update: i bought my graphics card used and it was used for about a month. it didnt work with my first motherboard months ago then i got a new motherboard then it worked. the problem was sense it was used there were wear and marks on the the graphics card . then when it was shipped to me the graphics card was moving around alot and now sense it got so damaged it doesnt work any more thats why theres no signal. so im going to get a graphics card in new condition. good thing the package had insurance :)
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