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Here's what I have so far

First of all, which is better between a 24 inch and 27 inch? I can't afford 1920x1200 so I am getting 1920x1080. I am going to be playing WoW, SWTOR, Battlfield 3, Crysis and others.

I was looking at these monitors specifically but I am open to other suggestions.

And this one is 1920x1200 but is a little bit more expensive. I would be willing to get it if it's worth it over the others.
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  1. Acer makes some awesome monitors, I have 2 of these:

    and I am very happy with them, they are perfect for gaming and movies look awesome.

    But if I was going to recommend one for you:

    Its nice and big with a awesome picture.
  2. Thanks for the reply but this thread is pretty old and I already got a monitor. I ended up spending a lot more than planned and got a Korean 2560x1440 crossover monitor, which was definitely worth it..
  3. Just going down the list of unanswered forums... never know who else looks at them for advice.
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