MSI N560GTX- new Build, not working.

Hey guys, I ordered this card ( on recommendation from,3273-4.html .

I have everything else running great from the onboard graphics card. When I put the video card in and start it up, the BIOS screen has red lines through it and and the next screen has random-colored artifacts around the black/white screen, making it unreadable.

I would normally RMA it by now but I was wondering if it was possibly it was a power issue? Do I have to connect all four power connectors to the power supply?
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  1. What PSU are you using. Its recommended to use proper PCIE 6 pin connectors, not the molex adaptors that come with it.
  2. I'm using an Antec VP-450 listed here:,3273-5.html

    My PC is exactly as listed in that build, except 4GB more of RAM. I'll try using the PCI 6-pin connectors instead and report back. Thanks, Burgies!
  3. I'm currently uploading a video of the issue here:

    That could be a moot point, as I'm going to try your fix as soon as this is finished.
  4. Just tried it out. It appears I only have one PCI 6-pin connector. I tried connecting the molex connector and the PCI together and had the same result. I wonder if it's just this particular card since Tom's recommended the setup, and they reported no issues involving the molex connectors.
  5. Update (if anyone cares): I RMA'd the card after trying different configurations. Just ordered a replacement since it worked with the Tom's Hardware recommended build. Hopefully it works this time.
  6. I RMA'd the video card and got my new one in yesterday. It works great with the PCI-e connector/Molex split.
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    Im glad it worked out for you. Dead on arrival tech sucks!
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