Two 7850's at x4 and x16 worth it?

I was wondering if this will hurt my performance enough to make it not worth it. I was thinking of getting another one since I have seen a couple of 7850s on sale as of recently.
My motherboard is the GA-970A-UD3 and I run a 965 BE processor at 3.6ghz. (Going to raise it to 4 once I order a new heat sink to relieve any bottle necking)
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  1. this would be a good article for you to read over...they test the affect on a gtx 480 going from 16x to 8x t 4x....depending on the game and resolution settings the cards can see up to a 305 decrease in performance....IMO I would not go this are going to have overhead due to crossfire will see a performance upgrade over one but there is a good amount limiting your potential.

    edit: would actually help if I posted the link to the article,2696.html
  2. Well as of right now I play at 1920x1080 which I am fine with. Not looking for a multi-monitor set up any time soon. I just wanted to increase my general framerate without spending more money on a single powerful card in the future but I guess with the x16 x4 configuration it makes it a bit less satisfying.
    According to the article however, it says the most being held back is generally 10% so I am wondering if that is worth just skipping the feature all together?
  3. Is there any way u could make it became 8x / 8x (move the card to the other slot)...

    It will be the best setup..

    x16 / x4 will cripple the second card...

    edit: i will try to look at the mobo manual, see if i can find the 8x/8x configuration...

    just checked.. u stuck with 16x / 4x .....
  4. Dang. I guess the best option would be to just wait for a price drop on the more high range single cards.
  5. or you could look into getting a new motherboard? that is always an option one that supports 16x and 16x crossfire..I am sure there are some am3+ boards out there with that capability.
  6. Oh no doubt but if I do that I could just use the money to spend on a 670 or something.
    I wasn't really looking into upgrading my PC at the moment since it runs everything just fine the way it is. I just wanted to get a bit more of a boost to it seeing as how 7850 prices have gone down a bit. Plus that one article made it seem like the performance drop wouldn't be too bad.
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