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i'm into gaming and right now i have Rs. 20000. the problem is how to spend these money on my desktop so that it be upgraded as a gaming pc. and well, i want to play games in ultra settings matter whether it's an old game or new game. i already have a desktop. the specs are listed below-

Processor:Intel E5800
RAM: 3GB (ddr2)
Motherboard: G41-M7
Present Graphics card: GT 520 (nvidia)
PSU: 300W

should i need to increase my budget??? should i wait for something new to come? or should i buy a playstation 3 instead of upgrading my desktop. thanks in advance. please suggest me.
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  1. Too little mate, at least rs 40,000 will get u a gaming pc.
  2. @mysteryos uhmm....i just need the processor, ram, motherboard, graphics card and psu. thnx 4 ur reply. according to you i should increase my budget.
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    Comes to around 21,000. Get a new mobo, CPU, and RAM when you have some more money; maybe wait for Haswell. Your current CPU will be bottlenecking you in some games with the 7850, but getting a new CPU and not GPU would mean virtually no improvement.
  4. thanks some1. well the question about bottleneck. would it be considerable? or just slight bottlenecking? and if it's not possible now should i buy a playstation 3 for gaming?
  5. and is there any pci lane issue if i buy hd 7850?
  6. ofcourse i would like to do the same as u suggested..but what m asking is are there any pci lane issue in that graphics card with my my motherboard is a old one..thnx in advance
  7. It's PCIe, and no, it will work fine. PCIe is entirely backwards compatible except for some irritating issues with PCIe 2.1 HD6xxx GPUs and PCIe1.0 mobos.
  8. good then. it's actualy pci 3.0. and my mobo is 1.0a compatible but the card m using is 2.0 compatible...that means i couldn't buy it from flipkart. because it would be riskier if it fails...but surely i give it a try from outside :..thnx again
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