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I am planning to buy a new graphics card for the upcoming game arma 3. I am wondering if i should buy the nvidia gtx 670, or save 100$ and get the 660ti. I want to run the game at very high settings (i realize that arma cant be maxed), Arma is really the only game i am intrested in at the moment so im not really conserned about how long it will last.

Other Spec
Intel i7 3770k
Asus Maximus V Gene
650 w corsair enthusiast series
SSD and HDD blah blah blah

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  1. It really depends on your budget. The top end 670s are only just under a 680. The 660 ti's small memory bus wont allow great performance regardless of overclocking. So if your budget allows you wont go wrong with 670. Just a question of which one. I put in my MSI one yesterday and couldnt be happier.
  2. We don't know a thing about the game. It might be the next Crysis (hard to max) or the next MW2 (very easy to max) for all we know. Besides, next year, you have the 8xxx/7xx series.
  3. lol for sure it will not be like call of duty series in term of hardware needed to max it out. but what i know is the game was twimtbp title so it might run better with nvidia gpu. personally i'm conflicted either to keep or upgrade my current 460 just for arma 3. honestly i want to play it on high setting if not max with constant 60fps but i dont think my 460 will be able to do that lol even at 1600x900 res :p
  4. Yeah A3 is definitely going to be the defacto hardware tester. Hope the physics overhaul they're doing will ramp up the engine's performance. As far as a new gpu, I won't be buying sh*t until the game/sim is released next year or unless Bohemia releases a public beta so we can take it for a spin. Go green team!
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