H100 cooling issues.

Hello all.

I am having trouble deciding on where to put my H100, do i put it on the bottom of the case drawing in cool air cool the radiator this is what i was really wanting to do untill i noticed that the pipes may not reach because of the GPU in the way, i can mount it on the top but hot air rises so wont it not be as affective..? i am using the case CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Matt :)

Ps: Wasn't sure where to place this topic.
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    the radiator will be a lot hotter than any air in the case
  2. So place the radiator on the top with 2 fans, pulling or pushing air?
  3. Pushing air through the rad out of the case
  4. so it'd be pulling warm air from the MOBO throught the radiator, doesn't sound too good.
  5. If you had the right case you could mount it at the bottom and vent it which is ideal but any air coming through it is cooler than the rad as stated earlier.
  6. This is how I have mine setup Outlander is dead on with having the fans push air through the radiator. The h100 can even do push pull if you were to push 2 fans on top and 2 fans on top and the bottom. Mind you this is a older photo. I since replaced my graphic cards with a gtx670. Also I don't use the stock fans that come with the unit because the air flow was strong with the cougar pwm fans and they are quite a bit quieter.

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