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    What is purpose of build? I note you don't have a seperate graphics card. If you are not intending one, power supply is seriously oversized. It is capable of your system, PLUS a very powerful GPU.
    Case is very basic and has poor ventilation. Perhaps not a huge issue, if you are not having graphics card, AND you have air conditioning. NOT ideal, if PC is going to be in a hot environment, or you're putting anything serious in it.
    You should get an aftermarket cooler, for CPU, especially if you intend to overclock that unlocked one. Suggest Coolermaster Hyper 212Evo, as very good value.
    Most importantly, your motherboard is totally inadequate for your processor. They will basically work together, but a H61 mobo cannot use any of the added features, of an i5-3570K. If you want to use a H61, get a much more basic, cheaper processor. The performance of an Ivybridge unlocked processor is pointless if mobo can't use it. With i5-3570K you really need a Z77 mobo, or at least Z75, nothing else makes sense.
  2. and i have updated my wishlist
  3. i have a gtx 560ti
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    Unfortunately your wish list has gone from one extreme to the other. Your processor and motherboard are positively antique, and you have dropped from an oversized PSU to undersized, if you plan to use a GTX560Ti. I'm still not happy with that case, certainly not if you don't have air conditioning. I can understand dropping the i5-3570K, if budget will not allow use of a Z77 mobo, and a cooler, with it. However you should be using components like this:-

    CPU: Ideally either i5-3450, or i5-3470. If budget won't allow i5, whilst not as good i3-3220 will still be OK.

    Motherboard: Ideally a H77 motherboard. Even a cheap one would be OK, but try to avoid any other chipset. B75 is sort of OK, with a locked processor, but not ideal.

    Case: Ideally one with both input and extract fan. If you use the Coolermaster, you will probably have to add a fan, or uprate fan

    Power Supply: Corsair are OK. 500w though is really a minimum, if you use GTX560Ti. I would prefer 550w, if there is a decent make like XFX, Antec, Seasonic available (Corsair don't do a 550).
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