GTX 670 SLI - 3 Monitors


I just got my second 670 for a SLI setup and was wondering which one of my cards I should plug the monitors into ?

My monitors all support HDMI, DVI and VGA.

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  1. Plug all monitors into your primary (usually top) card.
  2. Ok, thanks!

    I read somewhere that it might not work if i used both hdmi and dvi connections ?

    Is this correct or can i just use the two dvi with the one hdmi on the card?

    Thanks again!

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  3. And also, which PCI-E ports should I use on my Asus Z77 Sabertooth?

    Best regards,
  4. Hello,

    I got the SLI 670 gainward and was wondering where to plug my monitors in? When i try all in the top card (nr. 1) I get something like "1 Monitor defect" or "Secondary monitor" and it also says plug a monitor into the second GPU which I tried but to no luck
  5. Go to this page and fill out the information as, geforce 670, 2-way sli, 2D surround, landscape or portrait. It'll show you where to plug in the monitors.

    Hopefully it's simply a matter of configuration and not some defect.

    And just so you are aware, all 3 monitors must be using digital connections. Anything but VGA, d-sub or DVI-A.
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    GTX 670 SLI with 3 monitors
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