please cut my phone off right this instant. i lost it tonight and i think some bitches stole it from me. im pissed, i want it cut off and if yall can TURN it off, even better! i have a password set up once you try to turn it back on. please Please PLEASE!!
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  1. WTF?
  2. Uh... How do you expect US to cut it off?? First of all we'd need to know who you are. Scary.

    Then actually have remote control over any phone, or at least your carrier. Also scary.

    I'd be more worried than random people on the internet can find your phone and kill it than the lost phone itself.

    Talk to your carrier; they may actually be able to do something.
  3. Don't even worry about it, bro. Just did it for ya. The phone's disabled.
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