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Eyefinity setup not working.

I cannot for the life of me get Eyefinity working on my PC. I'll list the setup below:

2x HD7870 in Crossfire
1 Phillips monitor (1920x1080) connected via DVI
1 Samsung monitor (1920x1080) connected via HDMI
1 Samsung monitor (1920x1080) connected via an Active Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter.

So far I can only ever get two of the monitors to work - Windows 7 recognizes all 3 but it won't work for more than 2 at a time. Catalyst Control Centre can detect the 3 monitors but when setting up Eyefinity it only supports 2x1.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. does the adapter show up on this list AMD Eyefinity Validated Dongles
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    The issue is most likely your adapter. EyeFinity can be picky about which adapters work (not as much as in the past though). I've never heard of a DP to HDMI adapter being used in the setup, normally most people get the validated apapters that are DP to DVI then use a DVI to HDMI cable.

    These seem to be the best type of adapters, I use to run this one before upgrading to monitors with displayport. When I received the adapter the box even had the ATI/EyeFinity logo on it to show it.
  3. Thanks for your help guys, I took my DP to HDMI adapter back and got it exchange for a DP to DVI (then got a DVI to HDMI cable for my monitor) and this is now working great.
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  5. Glad we were able to help, enjoy your EyeFinity setup. Once you've gamed on 3 screens, its hard going back to just 1. I'm playing Borderlands 2 now and for the sake of playing with friends I got it on PS3. (First game I've played on my PS3 since last October). While I love the game, it feels odd playing on just one screen, even though its my 46 inch LED. I've gotten so use to my EyeFinity setup that having such a limited field of view just feels odd now.
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