I need help urgently, I'm stuck >.<!

Im ordering my CPU today and I've been set on the amd phenom ii x4 965 BE.. But without overclocking (which I don't intend to do) I should only get ram clocked at 1333mhz!

But now I've been looking at the vishera line of FX's, 4300, 6300 or 8150(I guess that's vishera).. And with them I can have ram clocked at 1866 which broadens my choices a bit.. Which CPU do I get???

I plan on gaming BF3 etc (which I also need to decide which GPU to get (was leaning towards 7750 as they are around £75) but looking at comparability with my mobo, I can't crossfire them (I own an asrock 970 extreme4)(quad crossfireX/Sli compatible)..

Please help!!
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  1. Also does anyone know if the HD 7770 is compatible with for crossfireX with my mobo, its not on the compatibility list either
  2. The 8150 is Bulldozer, not Vishera/Piledriver. Want to be looking at the 8350/20.
    In nutshell, the best you can afford. I advise the FX-8350 or 8320 if you need to save cash.
    Again with the GPU, the best you can afford. You don't have to worry about compatibility between modern-ish graphics cards and mobo's. As long as there is a PCI-E slot and sufficient power (would be pretty hard to not have enough power for a 7750) you can run whatever card you want.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. About the GPU's, what is the point in the manufactures compatibility list, especially since its so short!? I found that with the RAM too.. as this is my first PC build, I'm Still learning lol..
    That's cool though,I guess I'll crossfire some 7770's! Will it make much different to performance?

    And with what your saying about the FX CPU, the 8350 is a little out of my budget as its around 30-40£ dearer than the other two.. are either of those two worth getting over the phenom ii 965?

    Sorry for the n00b questions xD
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    It would be better to get a stronger single card then to crossfire to weaker ones initially. For around the cost of two 7770's you can get a 7950, which I am fairly sure will outperform or at least match the dual 7770's.

    This is the difference between the Phenom II 965 and the 8350.
    Though as I said, the 8320 is a good option. Hardware wise it is identical to an 8350 but lower binned (lower quality essentially) so it supposedly wont overclock as far. If you do get the 8320, you could probably clock it to 8350 performance quite easily.

    Its all good, better that you voice your questions here than go out and make an uninformed decision.
  5. You can run 1600mhz memory on a 965be, I do. Any decent memory at 1600mhz should be compatible with any cpu you decide on. Any newer gpu will work on a board with a pcie slot. As for the gpu, I would bump up to a 7770 if you can. Avoid crossfire as it has lots of issues (so does SLI).
  6. Wow, it is a lot better.. I suppose I should save the extra £50 and get the 8350, then I can at least have faster clocked ram also..

    And thanks, its just the GPU is going to be a Christmas present off my gf and I just wanted to know for future if I could crossfire!

    Thanks for all your help, greatly appreciated!
  7. Oh really? Well is 7770 a good enough GPU for £80? I'm probably going to need a bigger PSU than 500w I take it haha
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