GTX 690 Won't fit

I recently upgraded my GPU hardware to a GTX 690 (yay!). The GPU works fine, but it does not fit well into my mid-tower case:
Actually, what I meant by 'fits' is that the mounting brackets do not align with the holes on the case. As such I am only able to use my rig properly when it is laid sideways on the ground. i.e. the right side of the case (see picture) is on the ground. If my case is standing, then my GPU will not be properly set unto the pic-e slot since there's nothing holding the GPU from falling.

Question 1: Will leaving my pc rig in that position have a negative effect on airflow?
Question 2: How do I fix this?

Will post pictures soon...
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  1. It seems that there is a manufacturing flaw in the case, or your motherboard is not lined up properly. I would see where and if there are flexes in the case anywhere, and if you can't fix them RMA it. As for airflow I could see it having some negative effects as the hot air would stay at the now top side of the case a little more (but the mesh would radiate it) but I can't see it being more than a 3 or 4 degree difference at most.
  2. i prefer to respond after seeing some pictures , but anyway this build deserve a better case at least a phantom 410
  3. That's a nice card you got there. I am guessing you are saying that the screws on the pci slots and the graphics card do not line up? Laying the pc on it's side is not ideal for airflow transfer. Post a picture so we can see how far off it is. I'm sure you could modify the case so it fits properly.
  4. I still need a reply.
  5. honestly i don't know cuz the case side panels will no way to apply these screws in :/
  6. Since there aren't any more replies, I should get a new case then. If so, any recommendations? (other than the phantom 410, of course)
  7. AZZA Genesis 9000, behemoth case that will fit anything and everything. Also, excellent reviews.
  8. is there a budget for the case ??
  9. Yes, kinda. Less than $150. And nothing too hard to install.
  10. ok lets Summarize the best cases on your budget at the market to you here :

    ♦ Full Tower cases :

    - CM Storm Series Trooper
    - Thermaltake Chaser MK-I
    - COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Advanced
    - NZXT Phantom PHAN-001WT (not 410)
    - Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming



    - Corsair Carbide Series 500R
    - Antec Lanboy air
    - Thermaltake Level 10
    - Corsair Graphite Series 600T


    ♦ Silent Cases :

    - Fractal Design Define XL Full Tower
    - Fractal Design Define R4 Mid tower
    - NZXT H2 H2-001-BK Mid Tower

    each of one of us has his own taste , all these cases are quality cases just choose what suits with you.
  11. Any of the HAF cases hands down, or the Storm Enforcer if you want to save cash. Of all the cases I've built with, Coolermaster's are the best. I even built my office box in one.
  12. As long as they would fit a gtx 690, that's fine.
  13. Thanks for the response Mrdowntownkiller and NV98 for reinforcing my decision to choose the Cooler Master HAF XM case.
  14. Glad that i helped , btw nice case :)
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